Principal: Temi Adewumi

Over my 20-year career with membership organizations, I have managed numerous technology projects which require a knowledge of project management techniques, combined with website management skills.

I started my non-profit career by producing a print monthly magazine, which involved liaising with volunteers, printers and mailing houses – this was in the days before the Internet! That led to creating my first non-profit website, which was coded by hand. This was followed by numerous technology projects: developing a conference app, revamping an entire website, setting up email marketing software, and even, implementing a learning management system.

My passion is small organizations – I admire their ability to be creative and innovative in the way they achieve so much with small teams and efficient resources. Staff pick up skills quickly, as they are involved in multiple projects, and learn to adapt quickly when their non profit changes.

Clients who work with me are impressed by how I am able to interpret their needs, find the right technology and implement projects efficiently.

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