Website Project Management services

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The average website re-launch project can take three to six months.

Your website re-launch has been planned for more than a year, but you can’t dedicate staff to the project. Or, your staff or volunteers don’t have the expertise or technical knowledge to set up the website. Or, you’re anxious about choosing the right software and vendors.

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TAGb Consulting works with membership organizations to turn their websites into the “go to” resource for members.

As a website project manager, I work with organizations to develop websites that excite their members, and motivate them to take massive action – whether that is to sign up for your newsletter, follow your social media, join your organization, donate funds, or become enthusiastic volunteers.

Ultimately, your website should be a place that inspires members, excites them, and becomes a place that they visit often. It should empower them to transform their lives, make them eager to connect with other members and demonstrate how they can make a difference.

The end goal? More satisfied members, more renewals, and a stronger organization.

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Why can’t our communications/marketing/membership professional do this?

Most organizations have just one communications or marketing professional, who is already overwhelmed with a myriad of tasks. Website management, especially for a membership organization, requires specialized knowledge that most communications professionals do not possess.

Your organization is already planning to invest thousands of dollars into a re-design. The best way to ensure that your time and funds are spent properly is to work with a professional dedicated to managing projects. Someone who has in-depth knowledge of how databases, analytics, SEO and user experience can attract members.

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Have you ever said this about your website?

I wish our website would:

  • become the go to destination whenever anyone thinks of our cause.
  • drive membership to our organization
  • encourage volunteers with various skills to participate in our programs
  • boost our fundraising efforts

If your website could do all this for your organization, imagine the impact and influence your organization could have in your community!

People join associations to belong. Your website is the central place where members determine if their investment in membership is worth the money, time and effort they hoped for.

Imagine your website becoming a thriving hub of enthusiastic members. A place where members feel they belong. A place of lively discussions, and shared community, where members can seek advice and help from peers.

It can also be a place where they can network and increase their personal brand.  A place where members of all ages can grow, learn from each other, and get excited by their knowledge.

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Advantages of hiring an interim project manager

  • You only pay for help when you need it
  • Project managers are accustomed to working on short-term projects
  • Staff or volunteers don’t have to cut their own responsibilities short to work on the re-design
  • I become the point of contact between non profit leaders, staff, technical vendors and software providers
  • I provide the technical expertise you need to help the project close faster

Having a dedicated project manager means:

  • Your website project aligns with your organization’s goals and strategic plan.
  • Goals are set for each milestone, along with frequent checks to be sure the project is progressing successfully.
  • Your project manager will ensure accountability from all parties.
  • You get a customized project plan that is easy to understand and implement.
  • Your project gets delivered on time and on budget.
  • Your website is not abandoned once the re-design is completed. I also ensure that staff are trained in managing your website’s future growth.

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Here’s what I can do for your organization

Think of me as the conductor who manages the different specialties you need in website re-launch. I’m the liaison between your organization and the technical vendors. The one who ensures you start your project on the right foot. The one who understands non profit needs and can translate them to tech vendors. The one who understands that your end goal is engaged, satisfied members, who are thrilled to renew each year.

In my 20 years as a website project manager, I’ve managed numerous digital projects: such as migration to content management systems, or membership management systems. I’ve also increased organizations’ capacity by implementing email marketing systems, learning management software, as well as designing and managing the production of numerous mobile apps.

I’ve also managed the work of multiple vendors: website developers, SAAS vendors, database programmers, graphic designers, writers, software vendors. Along the way, I’ve picked up a good deal of website management techniques, unique to the non profit sector.

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How I work with you

Stage 1: Research and Planning

This stage starts with an exploration of your members’ needs, as well as your organization’s goals. I check your current member research, conduct interviews with a representation of members, check your metrics and interview key stakeholders to determine your members’ needs.

Stage 2: Determine your requirements

It’s not always about a re-design.

I review your current website, and determine if it needs tweaking or a complete re-design. I then develop a list of features that are important to your members, based on your unique needs.

The goal is to move beyond a static website to one that encourages members to connect with your cause, your organization and other members.

Stage 3: Implementation

Based on the list of requirements:

  • I then source the best vendor, content management system or association management software for your website project.
  • If you already have a web developer I work with them and other vendors to coordinate the project.
  • Create a project map that outlines key milestones, responsibilities, workflow.
  • I become the manager of the project – working directly with you and vendors from initial concept to launch.

Stage 4: Training

Websites fail because they are not continually growing with your organization. And they fail because no one has the time or expertise to continually improve your website.

Knowing that your communications professional is usually the person responsible managing your website, I’ll create customized training to make it easy for your staff to combine website improvements with all their other tasks.

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How we start

The first step in working with any client is a brief discovery session by phone. We’ll discuss your needs and I’ll ask you some questions. If it seems there’s a fit, we’ll do a more in-depth needs-assessment to determine all your requirements. From there I’ll give you a proposal and detailed action plan.

You can contact me by filling out the form below or simply send an email or give me a phone call.

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