Website Roadmap

TAGb’s focus is helping non profits develop websites that perform.
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You’ve been given the job of overhauling your organization’s website but…

You don’t know where to start. Your Board, key volunteers and other staff members can’t agree on what exactly what change is needed. So you:

  • Consider setting up (yet) another committee, task group or working group
  • Explore websites from similar organizations
  • Research myriad content management systems
  • Have preliminary meetings about the budget
  • Send members, donors and other volunteers (yet) another survey asking about their website needs.

What your organization needs is a master plan.

What is a website roadmap?

The website roadmap is a master plan that guides your website re-launch.

It starts off with interviews and conversations with your staff, stakeholders, volunteers, selected members and leadership to determine the following:

  • An examination of data from your current website, and how improvements can be achieved.
  • Technology recommendations, based on your staff’s level of expertise and budget.
  • How to find and approach the right vendors who understand non profit needs.
  • Your organization’s audiences and how you want them to experience the website.
  • A list of specific actions you want users to take on the website.
  • Strategic content that will drive action from users.

A roadmap will help your organization:

Eliminate guesswork by outlining techniques that have succeeded with other similar organizations

Reduce increased costs caused by delays and scope creep. These usually occur when the project is not well defined from the start.

Get everyone on the same page. Reduce in-fighting, lack of support, or lack of buy in. When everyone cooperates, the project can operate more efficiently.

What does the website roadmap provide?

The roadmap is customized to your organization and will allow your organization to:

  • present potential vendors with an accurate picture of your requirements
  • prevent wildly inaccurate estimates
  • ensure the project stays within its scope and timeline
  • enable you to hire the right vendor who is qualified to work with your requirements
  • ensure that your website is in step with your organization’s plans for future growth
  • decide which software and technologies are most appropriate for your website
  • create a realistic budget based on an accurate list of requirements.

Who does the roadmap apply to?

This interactive session is for staff who have been assigned a website red-launch project. It applies to:

  • Executive Directors of small and growing non profits
  • Non profit communications and marketing professionals
  • Staff creating the website in house


  • Staff working with an independent website developer
  • Non profits that are about to start an RFP process
  • Staff with limited knowledge of website development

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